Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Special Poem

As we celebrate and remember the men and women who paid the price for our freedom let us not forget that the price was to high to pay but for us they laid down their lives; for us they lost their limbs and for us they gave themselves for an exchange for our freedom. We celebrate the men and women who were and are brave and courageous to pay the cost.

Our hero has come home our defender
The one that paid the price for our freedom
We are joyful that she has come home
We can have a sweet reunion
She has played her part wholeheartedly
And saved her country with honor
With sacrifices that we may not understand,
We give our hearts for a medal of honor
He obeyed every command and subjected himself
Under authority so that he could save each one of us
He put his country first and endured the challenges
That he encountered in the service, he sacrificed himself,
He loved and gave himself to serve with humility.
I will stand for all of us, and say thank you.
We honor you for giving yourself to us,
You lost who you used to be just for us
We salute you mighty man for your courage,
We salute you mighty woman for your courage,
Valiantly you stood up for us
And defended our freedom and rights to be who we are,
“We are the land of the free. A home of the brave”
Because you gave yourself for us, we salute you
You bear the marks of service, we stand in ovation
For you and pray for you that you may heal,
So we can smile with you through all your days.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

An Alert

THIS IS AN ALERT do not let anything dampen your spirit. Do not let any robber get a free ride from you because you are the best that God has created. Dare to succeed in every dimension. If you are a child have the courage to stand and not be bullied. If you are an adult stand and do not allow anything to make you fail because I know you are able to be anything you want to be. Please read this poem.

A Robber
I have been robed by the worst robber
That has existed since the fall of man
I thought I was careful my doors were shut
My windows were closed but this thief
Enters in while you are there and robs you
While you are there with your guards down
You will sign the consent form in your safe
You will powerlessly watch him rob you of everything
Beginning with that which matters most; your treasures
This old robber comes in like a beggar
Once you give him your attention you are in for it
He will deal with you and you will doubt yourself
Before you can put yourself back up
He will strip you naked and steal your sense of self
Making you an entertainer of destruction
If you have him with you long enough he will feed on you
You will be hurt enough to hate yourself
He will afflict you with pain and entice you to kill yourself
He is the worst robber of them all
His name is depression.

Let the joy of the Lord be your strength!!!!!!!