Friday, August 12, 2011

Hold On

Hold on and never let go. Life has a nice way of shaking out the things you do not need even if you think you do. The tests that life throws at you are meant to strengthen you and not to weaken you. Of late I have seen that being on the top of your game is fine but what matters most is what you do when you are under the weather. Most people I know have no trouble when things are going on well but the moment the current flows against us we turn to forget the essence of who we really are. In the testing seasons we need to learn how to hold on because life rewards those that have a staying power. The greatest joy is not in the beginning but in the way you end a matter. So if there is anything that you want to harvest from stay at it. It can be marriage, education, a job, your gift, dreams etc. Stay at it, hold on until you win. Don’t quit you were born for conquest. Hold on and finish well everything that you have started. Hold on again and again till the day you will hear..."Well done, good and faithful servant."

From my book TWINKLES OF DAWN page 109
Hold On
Hold on, hold on, hold on a little while longer,
Let the storm take its course,
Let life and peace fl ow in your innermost being,
Though the wind may blow and swing you like the palm tree,
It’s your chance to show off what you are made of.

We can all learn from a crying willow,
As fragile as it might look,
when the storm is over, it will still be there,
Many trees will have broken branches,
Some will be uprooted but the crying willow will stand
With its leaves bathed and combed by the storm,
Calm and collected as if there had been no storm
The landscape will be devastated and sorrowful,
But the willow will not loose its grace,
And the palm tree will stand, as a symbol of strength;

Hold on and never let go,
Take advantage of the storm,
Spread your wings and face the storm,
Mount up like an eagle and soar high above the storm,
Speak peace to the storm and sing your song,
as you keep holding on,
Before you know it, the storm will be over;
Your vision will be crystal clear,
And you will soon perceive the blessings,
That surround you, and the glorious arm,
That covers you and leads you all the way.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Have you ever thought of it!

Have you ever thought of it that each time you are passing through a cemetery, the people that lay in these graves where once moving like you. Some had big dreams, songs to sing and books to write but not many of them were able to accomplish their purpose. That leaves a lot of wasted treasure in the grave but I hope if you are reading this today you ought to know there is hidden treasure in you waiting to be unveiled. As a matter of fact you are an inexhaustible treasure. Today is a day that you can choose to do more about the treasure in be continued