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What is poetry to me?

What poetry is to me--------poetry is a revelation, well I don’t mean to be religious here so in simple terms, it is a surprising understanding of a matter that has been disclosed to you. A moment of an epiphany where you can honestly say, Wow I see. So for me it is not just an open statement of the emotions and feeling of what I have gone through or I have witnessed another person go through but in the tranquility after the storm I have an answer. I understand the truth. So it becomes a story or a message that is not a complaint but an answer. It becomes creativity, just like Archimedes I could openly say, Eureka! “I have found it.” And so did Newton and Einstein. Creativity is madness anywhere.
King David and Solomon are the greatest poets that I have learned to appreciate. I like their adventures. You can experience David the shepherd, warrior, king and worshiper with distinct emotions. Even when he has sinned against God you can walk with him in his journey and feel for him but mos…