Tuesday, December 29, 2009


As you end this year lets look into the future.
Put the failures and the disappointments
of yesterday behind. I urge you to dream big
because I believe that in 2010 your mission
can be accomplished. The impossible mission can be possible.
Madeline Ndambakuwa said:
Dreamers dream; the beauty of the truth of the dreams they behold.

Please,read this poem published in my book "Twinkles of Dawn"

The Dreamer

Here comes the Dreamer,
Riding on a horse called believing,
A triple encounter, reception, conception, and the birthing of the dream;
He feeds daily on the change he can make,
The dreamer has seen the day,
And set his goals.
He joyfully embraces the picture,
And sees the dream from afar,
He lives his dream in the now,
And he has a direct plan.
With passion he leaps into the future,
He has a deep conviction,
And is fully persuaded,
That the dream is true and attainable;
His hope makes it alive each day,
He will not quit until the dream is born.

The dreamer relentlessly pursues,
And presses on to posses his dream,
Nothing can stop the dreamer,
Or extinguish the fire shut in his bones.
The murmurers and the critics
May as well hold their peace;
Because the dream shall live before their sight,
And their tongues will freeze,
As they witness the reality of the dream,
Because the dreamer has no limits,
And he is not bound by race or age,
Fear and doubt cannot scare him,
His courage propels him forward;
His dream is worth fighting for,
And too costly to let go;

Don’t be fooled,
When the dreamer is physically bound,
Or tangled by circumstances,
His spirit is liberated to dream even more;
He knows he can soar freely in the sky,
He will dream in his sleep at night,
And dream in his mind during the day,
But beware;
The dreamer has the tenacity of a bull dog,
Once he awakens to his dream,
He will breathe life to a lifeless situation.
Make no mistake the dreamer is principled, And crowned with wisdom,
He will pass the test of time and trials, Never, never, never count him out;

Yes he may suffer loss and be lonely,
Yes he may have scars, and wounds,
He might go through storms and fires,
But that will not blur his focus,
His vision is clear,
He sees beyond the natural realm;
Harnessing the power,
Of invention and creativity,
His creating forces, demands a change,
To the void that will be filled;
With the light shining within the dream;

The dreamer knows how to learn from obstacles, and flips failure to victory.
He is disciplined and determined
To cross to the other side,
Because he understands that the purpose of the dream is greater than self.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Faith and Action

Faith and action is the way to go
Faith without works is dead
You have to step out and do something practical
Faith and action will get you your miracle
Confession and faith brought you to salvation
But it requires faith and action to go forward
It is action that makes you to change to the next level
Believe and act on what you believe
Then let your mouth and your action comply with your faith
And when he sees your action and faith he will do it for you
That’s great faith!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Recently I have had a lot of time in my hands where I can not do anything but rest as I recuperate and this is what I have found about prayer as I seek to come to a level of maturity. On the other hand I am also seeing that my big dream can not balance on a shallow prayer life. If you have ever seen anything beyond your reach you probably feel me. There times in life where you just have to learn the art of shooting from your knees and follow through for a score.
Prayer is just so easy, yet so hard to find the discipline to stick with it. I wonder how much mess we could miss if only we prayed and cover our lives. Prayer is in deed a powerful force that changes the cause of events and a person that has learned to pray can calm the sea like Jesus and man like John Wesley. Prayer is like confidently talking to a friend that you trust so much and you know once you have spoken, it will be followed by action. Prayer is like your spiritual gauge, the more you pray, the more you draw closer to him and the more you know him and trust him. I like the power to pray because it can change my present and shape my future and heal my past. I can be confident that what I can’t do, God can do.
Today may you take everything that is challenging you to God in prayer. It is easy just talk to him, like you are talking to a friend. He hears, he cares and he is faithful to take you through it all.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Check your Tank.

Everyday life confronts us with new challenges that need to be solved,and this demands wisdom to judge right.Wisdom will cause your path to shine and your challenges can not stand a chance with wisdom. Solomon was right when you think of it that wisdom is truly the principal thing. Men of wisdom seek knowledge and understanding and they know ignorance is darkness and in the dark you can stumble and the results are catastrophic. We check our gas tank because we don't want to run out of fuel half the journey and our mileage forces us to go for an oil change but have you checked your tank of wisdom today. The mileage you have covered will tell you that you need to seek for more wisdom. If you are in doubt chances are you are running low because you definitely need wisdom daily. Think about it.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Not too late!

It is not too late to bounce back into the ring
Seeing yourself freely soaring in the sky
Forgetting those things that are behind
Looking forward with great expectation
Forgiving and living to accomplish your purpose
Embracing each day with excitement
Building upon each day monuments of grace
Strong towers of peace and joy
Making every day a miracle granted to you
Another chance to shine and smile
It is not too late, it is not too hard
You are able to handle it all
And the victor in you is your witness
Whispering, "There is more to this…"
You’re divinely orchestrated for this moment
Arise and shine, it’s not too late
Tomorrow I may say nothing
So hear me today, you can do it again…!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


It takes a while to see
It takes time to hear
Because we usually want to do it on the surface
We want to just look and not perceive
And we want to hear but not understand
So we look at a man doing well outwardly
And we think he has got it all figured out
We hear a woman laughing but we don’t understand her cry
We look at the multitudes of people
And we think they are doing fine
But we do not perceive they are fainting
But I know the only one that sees through it all
He is faithful and he invites you to lay your
To fall in his arms when you are weary and heavy laden
And he will give you rest from all your labor
He sees and he perceives all you need
He hears and he under stands
And his name is Jesus
You can surrender it all to him
He will see you through

Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matt11v28

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Race

I may be faint and weak in my body
But I will not let it get into my mind
Not in my spirit because I know I must win my race
I will stay in the race
Though I may look like I am about to curve me in
Even when I fall, I will not fail
I am committed to this race because I won’t have a re-run

I am in this race for my life; I will not stop for gossip
My heart will not doubt, I live by faith, I believe
And I am running the race with patients
I have the strength for each day, one day at a time
I will not loose what I have for nothing
Not over a cigarette, sex, beer… Oh no the list is too long
I got to run my race, I can’t give up now
I can’t waste my tears over that foolishness of yesterday
I shall not look down, I will look up
I have great witnesses of many that made it over in this race
I got a testimony, I don’t need any proof
I got a witness that I have a friend that sticks closer than a brother

I was on the verge, and it looked like I was done
The doctors said I wouldn’t make it
But I am still in the race; I can go some more miles
I can take it because I have been lifted up again and again
Peter can stand and say I denied the Lord but I made it
Paul can say I was the chief of sinner but I made it in
King David can say I murdered and committed adultery
But I was a man after his own heart
You see I can still run I have had my own portion
But I can make it too as long as I put down
Every weight that can weigh me down
Because when I am closest, the race gets harder
But I can’t give it up now I am winning my race

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I like discipline in all its areas and meaning. A disciplined person is a treasure to have, because no matter where you put them they can emerge out with a graceful composure. If you put a disciplined person under pressure the results can match their discipline. We all know people in our time like General Colin Powell (according to me he is one of America’s great leaders) who has modeled great discipline not just in the army but as Secretary of State and in his daily activities and just from what he has shown us in leadership we know it did not happen over night. People like Leonardo, Mozart, Michelangelo great masters in their fields, they practiced, learned good principles, they did not slack in their studies; they did everything they new to do, they reinforced it again and again until they got the process and had a pattern to bring out the results that made them great masters. Discipline is a word that many people don’t want to hear but maybe today you can consider this reminder and pick up your boots and decide to be disciplined starting from the tinny details of your life to the major areas of your life. This ten letter word is holding thousands and thousands of success stories. Don’t let it hold yours back.