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I feel a surge of power to empower dreams, arouse gifts, harness potential, mold lives and cause a people to march into their destiny. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth in our lives as it is in heaven. I am determined to see you the Dreamer happening. See you Fly and soar high. I believe these few words and questions will be life changing.

"Wisdom is the principle thing: therefore; get wisdom and in all your getting, get understanding" Proverbs 4:7

I love these words from the wisest man that ever walked on the face of the earth. Solomon got the wisdom even in the things he made mistakes he pulled out wisdom as his guiding map and warned us in so many ways. In this scripture he gives us an open call to step out and get wisdom and understanding. You see wisdom operates in many realm so you can't depend on intellectual smartness because it will fail in the deep ends of life. Therefore, for every dreamer, there is practically no dream that can be accomplished witho…


Confidence in God, self and in the dreams you hold
A sense of assurance that will not go away
A knowing that the Master has your back in spite of
In that confidence you stand and you believe
That what he has began he will finish because it is good

You deny to be denied and you cut against the grain
In the perfect calmness that he is so near
You feel his Spirit breathing on you
Whirling up a well of strength
Stirring your confidence; letting you know you can't fail
Neither can you fall because he won't let you
A cooling stream of peace tells you he will do it again
One more time he will come through for you
And you stand with an uncompromising conviction
Persuaded that there is no other out-come
But the victory that you see and embrace with confidence