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I Like My Shoes-Yours Hurt

As a continuation from my last article on my blog I will tell you the reason why it is important for you to pursue your dreams. If you want to be honest with yourself you know time flies and before you know it you will lose energy and with old age you will fear to dream wild dreams because you will doubt that you might never have enough time to accomplish your dreams. Recently I had this idea of shoes bothering my mind because as I pursue my own dreams I also listen and I learn from everyone around me small and great people and believe me I learn from ants, birds and flowers. Birds build their own nests, and ants work hard to store their own food and plants produce their own food. Some of the most important educators in my life are not adults but the kids in my family like my nephew. He asks me questions and believes everything his mother does not know I know it. He does not realize that his mother has to answer him on the fly and then she tells me his questions so I have more time t…