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I Like My Shoes-Yours Hurt

As a continuation from my last article on my blog I will tell you the reason why it is important for you to pursue your dreams. If you want to be honest with yourself you know time flies and before you know it you will lose energy and with old age you will fear to dream wild dreams because you will doubt that you might never have enough time to accomplish your dreams. Recently I had this idea of shoes bothering my mind because as I pursue my own dreams I also listen and I learn from everyone around me small and great people and believe me I learn from ants, birds and flowers. Birds build their own nests, and ants work hard to store their own food and plants produce their own food.

Some of the most important educators in my life are not adults but the kids in my family like my nephew. He asks me questions and believes everything his mother does not know I know it. He does not realize that his mother has to answer him on the fly and then she tells me his questions so I have more time to think about it before I see him. Well that is a nice aunt’s package that I will write about another day. So, I was with my nephew and we were headed to Shoe Carnival to buy some shoes for him. He likes to whisper things to my ear and I hope he will never stop to share his thoughts with me when he grows older. Anywhere, he said, “Auntie it is a good thing we are going to look for shoes because some of my shoes hurt and I don't know why because they used to be okay.” I laughed because to me he is growing so it’s okay for his shoes to hurt after a while. I told him it was normal I changed shoes too when I was young like him and I know the trick to find the right size of shoes. And one of the things kids have a hard time conceiving is to think you were once little like them, because they think you are fifty and you knew Harriet Tubman. Of course I learned that from visiting schools. So we went into the store. I told him we have a way to fix his problem. We needed to find out how big he had grown and each time his feet grow we will just come back and measure his feet and get the right size. He said, "It is that easy?" and I was happy to tell him it was that easy. So after a shoe salesman measured his feet I enjoyed that time of seeing his face light up and being amazed that all the shoes he was trying were all of a sudden comfortable. Ah that was magic to him.

I kept reflecting on this incident and I thought I like my shoes because they don't hurt and I have this policy if a pair of shoes is not comfortable I will not take it home. And I have seen many ladies after an event holding shoes and walking barefooted because those pumps can hurt if they are not padded inside. And since part of being creative is using perception then it became clear that if you don't follow your own dreams it will hurt more than shoes. So as much as you find the right size of shoes you can find your right size of dream and pursue it. The worst thing will be trying to fit into the shoes that you have out grown; even kids know when shoes are pinching and they will tell you that the shoes are no longer a perfect fit. My question for you today is in the field of dreams how are you doing with your shoes? I want to be comfortable in my own shoes both for my feet and for my dreams.

When being a nurse is trendy be careful not to put on the nurse's shoes if you are an accountant because people are not numbers; working with people will hurt if you don’t have a big heart. If you are suppose to be a nurse then be a nurse because in accounting dog eat dog and you will be ate up before you know it and that will hurt. Neither can you try to be like your role model because it hurts to be someone else other than being yourself because you are unique and as much as you have a unique DNA and fingerprints you can find your own place and be fulfilled with your own dreams and walk into your own destiny. I hope today you can be able to say, " I like my own shoes, yours hurt." This post is a snip pick into this new generation advive book that I am writing called, "I Like My Shoes-Yours Hurt"


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