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We are Thankful

In memory of Gradnma I found no words to say but to read back to myself and to you these words from my book Comfort.

We are filled with gratitude,
For the time we enjoyed together,
The love we shared,
The memories we cherish,
Your smiles and encouraging words,
That pushed us into our destiny,
And made us stronger,
O what a precious gift you were;
We could not ask for anything more,
Than you have been to us.
When we think of the adorable you,
That we have loved so dearly,
Our grief and sorrow melts away,
We know you would rather have us smile,
Our hearts are thankful,
And overflow with peace and love,
We have joy and the hope,
That we will meet again.

On the verge

At the brink of something good getting ready to happen; life has taught me that all hell breaks loose and you begin to wonder why? Yet on the other hand I have also known that the kick of a dying horse isn't that bad at all if you think you are kicked but you are still breathing. I say this only to say life can give you a chance to quit but you choose not to quit because victory is for those that don't quit. I won't quit on the battles of life and I suggest that you make a pledge today that you will never quit. Even on you death bed you can still die a winner. So never, never quit; will you?

Memorial Day Special Poem

As we celebrate and remember the men and women who paid the price for our freedom let us not forget that the price was to high to pay but for us they laid down their lives; for us they lost their limbs and for us they gave themselves for an exchange for our freedom. We celebrate the men and women who were and are brave and courageous to pay the cost.

Our hero has come home our defender
The one that paid the price for our freedom
We are joyful that she has come home
We can have a sweet reunion
She has played her part wholeheartedly
And saved her country with honor
With sacrifices that we may not understand,
We give our hearts for a medal of honor
He obeyed every command and subjected himself
Under authority so that he could save each one of us
He put his country first and endured the challenges
That he encountered in the service, he sacrificed himself,
He loved and gave himself to serve with humility.
I will stand for all of us, and say thank you.
We honor you for giving yourself to us,
You los…

An Alert

THIS IS AN ALERT do not let anything dampen your spirit. Do not let any robber get a free ride from you because you are the best that God has created. Dare to succeed in every dimension. If you are a child have the courage to stand and not be bullied. If you are an adult stand and do not allow anything to make you fail because I know you are able to be anything you want to be. Please read this poem.

A Robber
I have been robed by the worst robber
That has existed since the fall of man
I thought I was careful my doors were shut
My windows were closed but this thief
Enters in while you are there and robs you
While you are there with your guards down
You will sign the consent form in your safe
You will powerlessly watch him rob you of everything
Beginning with that which matters most; your treasures
This old robber comes in like a beggar
Once you give him your attention you are in for it
He will deal with you and you will doubt yourself
Before you can put yourself back up
He will strip you naked and st…

What I learned from my Pastor today Commitment

Being committed to the Lord, not wavering because a double minded man is unstable in all his ways and can not receive anything from the Lord. A commitment unto death not the vows of marriage that some take lightly. James and all the apostles had a death sentence in them and for sure they died and paid that price. To some Jesus did not commit himself to them because he knew what was in their hearts. I know what is in God's heart so I am able to commit to him. If he was a man perhaps I could be moved but I am committed to God and I die to myself.
I am in the army of the Lord if a soldier commits to the army he can not just turn around and walk out - it's commitment. Talk can be cheap when it comes to commitment but the question is,"Can you walk it?" For Daniel there was a commitment already in his heart, there was no room for him to defile himself. For the three Hebrew guys they had their commitment to the highest King and the commandment of Nebuchadnezzar did not shake…

Making Crucial Decisions

While common sense is not common we can still have the access to be wiser. In decision making you want to count your cost, make up your mind, align your heart and spirit and be sure you know what you are committing yourself to. There are decisions that are so crucial, like following Jesus, you know once you begin you carry your cross and follow him no turning back, no matter what. Choosing that you don’t want to turn back before you get the opportunity to turn back will brace you up for the storm. Daniel 1v 8 “But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king's meat, nor with the wine which he drank: therefore he requested of the prince of the eunuchs that he might not defile himself.” Daniel had purposed in his heart not to defile himself so when the opportunity came for him to drink wine he was reminded and knew he needed to ask for a special provision. He requested for it because his mind was already made up. His decision was not s…

“Grace each day, with thanks”

I like Tuesday Morning it is a shop that does not lack surprises for me, out of mere habit it is a shop that I can spend some time just wondering around especially if I am looking for a unique gift. Today I saw a plaque written “Grace each day with thanks” I could not take it lightly, I stopped and held it in my hands and I bought it as I write I am looking at these in scripted words, “Grace each day, with thanks” this very moment is full of grace and I am thankful that in my weakest hour I have the grace that is sufficient for me to carry me through each day. I seek to make each day a master piece and savor the joy of every moment.
If I feel forgotten and discouraged I can just say grace and I will stay on track. If I feel I am in the worst place I can lift up my hands and say thank you Lord for your keeping power you are my stay. It feels like yesterday when I had surgery and I needed help to get up but this morning I am the one that took a walk. For ten months I was not working but…

The Kingdom

I am happy to let you know that it is the Father's pleasure to give us the kingdom. Seeking first the kingdom of God is of paramount importance if you want to be a part of his jewels and the ones that will reign with him. Jesus came not only to forgive our sins and heal us but to give us the kingdom. We have to occupy till he comes. We practice to reign with him now. You know what; the kingdom is in you, you are royalty, that's why he commanded us to have dominion, replenish the earth and subdue it. Our faith is not some kind of weak believer in a corner but it is our strength and the very power that causes us to speak things that are not as though they are. Once we speak it our words will create it. The King has made us kings and priests unto our God. There we can stand in this office with power. We have received a kingdom that grows in us. Can you hide a mustard tree, no way! Thus, it is true that when the kingdom has grown in you; you can not by any chance hide it, but you …

Creativity Nugget

As you know I have a passion of creativity and I like the madness of creativity. By the way in order to be creative you must see and think more than normal and then have the willingness to be different and definitely you must save up in your account the price that creativity demands. Creativity says if there must be a glory it must be so glorious that even the one that never thought they would have it will agree to have it and bow, not to you but to the source that brought it forth.

I like it when people say what inspired you? How do you come to that place to create? Unfortunately I can not write all the questions neither can I answer a few but I will say a few words. Creativity can only proceed from one source, in the spirit that rules within a man. The light or darkness will make the difference. The creativity that becomes awesome is from the spirit of the Almighty. The rest of man's work will last for a season. Both the one that was possessed and the work created will perish, t…

Forgotten Message

Can you imagine I forgot to post this important message I can't wait until next year I got to post it, too bad to be true but you can all have a good laugh like I am now. You got to laugh out loud first before you read it, ha ha ha...! There you go, keep smiling, there you go... you can read it now it is posted.

"I like this season of the year because it reminds me of the reason for the season. I will not embrace the Christmas gifts and forget the greatest gift the earth has ever been given. You see on the night he came, they did not create room for him, but today I can create room for him in my house and in my heart. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"

That's the message I had forgotten to post can you imagine, I forgot to post a reminder, let's forget the writer now, just promise me that you won't forget to make room for Jesus both for Christmas and from day to day.

Take your Place

The sun shines on those who are standing before it shines on the people kneeling under them. “African Proverb”

Today is a great day as you look into the great doors of opportunity in 2010, determine to find your place of value and influence, then you can boldly take your stand early before others do. In winter in Zimbabwe when I was a kid I remember rushing out for break to find a spot for myself in the sunshine. The classes are not warm, there are no heating systems, even at present, so it is a matter of depending on your warm sweater if you have one or if you don’t, the break is like a fire place. So the position you take is crucial in order to get your piece of the sunshine pie and so is life. If you let others stand first before you do you might survive only in their shadows. And of course people that see opportunities first will get the best share. Don’t wait for June if you can do it today and of course the more you procrastinate the more you increase your speed to the City of Ne…